WANT EVEN MORE CHANCES TO WIN? Share your special link with friends and family. When they sign up, not only do they have a chance to win, but you will get 1,000 points when they play just one game!

Earn points for rewards! Now through the end of February 2019, the top 10 users with the most points will win these prizes:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Grand Prizes: $100 Amazon Gift Cards
4th-10th Secondary Grand Prizes: $30 Amazon Gift Cards

This Febryary you will get 100 points each time you enter a sweepstakes and an additional 1,000 points for every new player you refer!
Good luck, and thank you for playing with us!


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The game starts at 00:00 Feb 1, 2019 and ends at 00:00 March 1, 2019.
Points received when referral played a sweepstakes.
One game played: 100 points, one valid referral: 1,000 points.


9700 Pts

barbieMDMD (US)

6800 Pts

heatherjones145 (US)

6700 Pts

charl_zoo_gran1000 (US)

6500 Pts

gbrechelleross ()

5700 Pts

gbheathermontgomery ()

5500 Pts

gbbriandubbin (CA)

5400 Pts

f_pferrera1123 (US)

5400 Pts

sarahjackzo2929 (US)

5300 Pts

Varneyd127 ()

In case you are a winner, we will notify you via email. Please make sure you have a valid email address on file!